Walkaround or Close Up magic is considered the most skilful genre in the art of magic. 

It can be performed anywhere, literally right under the spectators noses!

Magic at it's purest, relying on sleight of hand, using items which can be carried in the pocket such as, cards, coins, rubber bands, ropes

and valuables borrowed from the spectators.


Walkaround performances comprise of  5 to 10 minute performances for small groups of 4 to 8 people at a time,

either standing as in a cocktail situation or seated at a table in a restaurant situation.

The act is repeated (with some variation) throughout the room until all your guests have been entertained, it takes up to 2 hours to cover an entire function. 


Ideal for 80 or more people when you do not want the entire crowd to stop and watch a full 45 minute show,

the rest of the guests can continue to socialise while each group is being entertained.


Guaranteed to break the ice and get the guests talking at even the most staid of parties.


"Extraordinary ... We were very lucky to encounter a performer of such high calibre." - Peter Riley, ABC Radio

A Brief Synopsis Of Our Various Shows


(Please note: We do not guarantee that each described routine will appear in every show, some items may need to be cut or substituted due to conditions beyond our control at the venue.)

Watching our Illusion Show your mind will: 




 as our beautiful assistant is divided into 3 separate pieces and her midsection completely removed!

Jenny Craig, eat your heart out!!!




when your very own VIP (perhaps your CEO) magically appears in the middle of the stage, in front of the whole audience ...Don’t CEO’s usually mysteriously disappear???




at our gorgeous girl being penetrated at every angle by multiple poles, tubes and spear

It’s impossible, it’s incredible ... and it’s legal!!!


The Illusion Show also features several of the highlights from our Floor and Stage Shows... 

It really is the best of all worlds!


"Bloody Amazing" - Bruce Ruxton, Victorian RSL President



Phone: (02) 42 619 017

Mobile: 041 228 8054


Email: magical@glennkeeley.com


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During the Floor Show you’ll:




as a 3 foot sword is thrust right through a spectators throat and out the other side in an act which takes body piercing to a whole new level!




the worlds most dangerous card trick as a spectator becomes “Dirty Harriet” in an attempt to find her own card using a six shooter...

It’s a case of “The good, the bad and the bloody amazing!!!”




when we unleash a wild and ferocious animal... Yes, it’s “Rocky The Killer Racoon!

We can not be held responsible for any death, destruction or hilarious antics caused by this “close encounter of the furred kind!!!”




as a campy game show sees a volunteers $100.00 bill “accidentally” cremated, only to reassemble and reappear, after lots of suspense & laughter,

in a place which proves money really does grow on trees!


All  just some of the hijinx you will see in our Floor Show


"Your show went way beyond our expectations" - Coretta Williams, BHP



Our Stage Show needs a larger area such as stage or dance floor with raised platform.

The audience is best seated in front, although front and sides, to an extent, is workable.



Our Floor Show is the “go anywhere budget camper” 

It can be performed in the smallest lounge room to the largest stage. 

It can be staged with the audience on all four sides if necessary, although not recommended.

In our Stage Show you will be:




as a watch is “accidentally” smashed to pieces! There is lots of corny comedy cover-ups before it reappears, fully restored, in an unbelievable & impossible place ...

Proof time really does fly when you’re having fun!!!




at an attempt to cut a spectator in half which goes horribly and hilariously wrong!




when a hapless volunteer finds himself with an upturned jug of milk on his head. The laughs flow thick and fast as we try to get it all the right way up again.

This is one routine guaranteed not to leave a dry seat in the house!!!

You won’t believe what’s going on “past-your-eyes”... No bull!






to see an unsuspecting audience member fall victim to the worlds first completely “See through guillotine” It’s got chills and thrills ... but hopefully no spills!

Unique magic combined with ‘laugh your head off” comedy!


Several of our features from our Floor Show also appear in the Stage Show.


"Glenn, you are one fantastic magician!" - Steven Edge, Parramatta Eels Football Legend



Our Illusion Show is the big granddaddy of them all. This show is best presented on a stage with wings, 

but it can work on a dance floor with some restrictions.

The show comes complete with our own specially trained assistants and sound and lighting specialists.

The audience must be seated to the front only, not to the sides.